The KODIAQ isn’t just a car built to take on the toughest terrains with ease. Its tornado lines, precise edges and crystalline influences add to its distinguished style.

The new and even more emotive design is the key distinguishing feature of the rejuvenated KODIAQ SUV. The front has been given a more upright six-sided radiator grille and new, elevated bonnet. Other details have given the KODIAQ a more off-road look, especially the new bumpers. These are framed by L-shaped panels on both sides. Other noticeable features are the wider central air intake and aluminium-coloured details.

The front lights are also new. The headlights are narrower and more dynamic-looking. Combined with the fog lights they create a new “four-eye” look on the SUV. Now the front headlights use LED technology as standard, with the option of state-of-the-art Full LED Matrix lights.

The rear bumper has been given a distinctive diffusor and its design matches the front bumper. With its pronounced edges, the reworked bumper optically widens the car and gives it an even more dynamic look. That is enhanced by two other features: primarily the new spoiler at the top of the fifth door and also the redesigned lights that use LED technology and have a narrower and more chiselled shape. The C-shape of the lights layout has been retained, however.

„With the launch of the KODIAQ four years ago, we took a major step forward towards our current design language. Owing to a few subtle changes, our SUV now presents as even more emotive. The new front is crisper, and the design of the four newly arranged headlights lends the KODIAQ a unique character. The new, aluminium-effect details at the front and rear provide the car with great off-road styling. At the same time, we have managed to make the rear even more dynamic with a new roof spoiler and sharper tail lights,” summarises Oliver Stefani, chief designer at ŠKODA. Unlike the other versions, the new KODIAQ RS has a reworked six-sided radiator grille with striking double ribs in gloss black finish. Compared to its predecessor, the KODIAQ RS now has a distinctive and dynamic-looking front bumper specific to the given model.

The new ŠKODA KODIAQ SUV is easy to fall in love with. The following 60 seconds will convince you just how advanced the KODIAQ is. Take a look.

More comfort and convenience and an extra helping of modern technology. That is the upgraded ŠKODA KODIAQ, the largest SUV in the Czech carmaker’s range. At the same time, the newcomer retains the model’s traditional strengths, i.e. a generously roomy interior, a wide range of versions and powertrains and excellent value for money. Presenter Alex Montyro will show you the highlights of the upgraded SUV. You’re going to love it.

It goes without saying that the car’s occupants have a first-class infotainment system at their fingertips, including an up to 9.2-inch touchscreen display. Another option is a 10.15-inch virtual instrument panel with four display styles or, in the case of the SPORTLINE and RS versions, a fifth sporty design. Needless to say, the driver can choose what information is shown on the display.

The Bolero, Amundsen and Columbus infotainment systems have a built-in eSIM and their users can look forward to modern functions that can be controlled via a mobile app as well as Laura, the voice assistant who speaks fifteen languages and even understands naturally spoken Czech, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The system can, of course, be hooked up to mobile phones via Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. Another option is Phone Box for wireless phone charging. Even the Canton audio system has been tweaked, with two more speakers added (making 12 in total).

The SE Drive ( 5 Seats )is generously equipped from standard. With five or seven seats, this SUV is for big families who go on bigger adventures

The SE Drive ( 7 Seats ) is designed with your free time in mind. Reconnect with the things that are important. ŠKODA's first seven seater SUV.Text here ...

The SE L Executive is the perfect blend of practicality and specification with an impressive amount of standard equipment.

The Sportline delivers refinement exhilaration in equal measure with eye-catching exterior feature while the car's sport credential are further enhanced in the interior.​Text here ...

The L&K trim celebrates ŠKODA's founders and showcasing ultimate levels or luxury and high end technologies.Text here ...

The vRS is ŠKODA's most prestigious sport top of the range model. The trim transforms every chore into a dynamic experience with 4x4 drive, 20" alloy wheels and Dynamic Chassis control.