Stylish, spacious and safe. The OCTAVIA Hatchback and Estate are ready for anything, from work trips to weekends away with the whole family.

The OCTAVIA’s exterior is the perfect expression of emotion in motion. Adoration, affection, amazement – the dynamic lines and sharp design of the exterior quickly evoke a great sense of each, delivering a compelling fusion of aesthetics, safety and practicality.

It’s not a coincidence everything in the interior feels precisely as it should. After all, you designed it that way. From the seat position and LED mood lighting, to the dashboard layout and radio station, every little touch bears your signature. Think of it as a second home, that you can take anywhere in the world at the touch of a pedal.

Whether a tale of power, invention or sustainability, every engine in the OCTAVIA range has a unique story to tell. Whichever option you choose, you’ll find all share the same reliability and uncompromising performance.

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What Car?

5 out of 5 star review

"Like its predecessors, this is an exceptionally spacious car that soothes you on journeys with a comfortable ride and classy interior. It’s a great allrounder that really doesn’t have any serious weaknesses.”


In our always-on world staying connected on thego is no longer a nice to have – it’s an absolute must. It’s why the OCTAVIA includes a number of smart assistance and infotainment systems to keep you informed at every corner, and entertained at every turn.


The All New OCTAVIA is as safety conscious as it is style conscious. We’ve packed the new model with a range of active and passive driver-assistance features as standard to help you make your drive even safer.


Great days start with a great car and you’ll be spoilt for choice with our All New OCTAVIA range.

Designed for demanding lifestyles, there’s an OCTAVIA that is perfect for you.