New T-Cross

The new T‑Cross

Your companion for everyday life and leisure

Striking design, lots of room with compact dimensions, advanced technology to provide more comfort for your everyday and your free time: The new T‑Cross playfully fulfils the requirements of a modern compact SUV. 

Redesigned front styling mixed with distinctive lines – the new T‑Cross is one of a kind. A striking shoulder line runs from the bonnet, along the upper parts of the doors and into the C-pillar. The new grille is available with the modern and fresh strip of light, standard on Style, optional on all other trims, running between the headlights and the Volkswagen logo at the front and rear. The exterior mirror projects a light graphic onto the floor next to the vehicle and illuminates the area as you step inside. The hint of matte silver underbody protection at the front is just one of the visual ques that positions the New T‑Cross as an SUV.